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The Wheel originated in America during the early 1930's. It became a popular circus act known as the "Space Wheel" 

These early wheels were performed by a single artiest, incorporating a counterbalance on the other end.


Unfortunately there were two serious accidents soon after its inception that led to the act laying dormant for a number of years.

The act was reintroduced in the late 1970's, under the new and appropriate name "The Wheel of Death"

Freddie Bovill Have a question?
The Act

Freddie Bovill introduced one of the world's very first "DOUBLE" Wheel of Death acts with two artists having to work very closely together in order to balance and control the apparatus.

There are currently only four wheel acts in the world, with Freddie and Lizelle's show being the only one in South Africa.


The Wheel stands 15 meters above the ground and revolves around its own axis. No mechanical means are used to spin the wheel and the spinning is done entirely by using gravitational forces.

The act is performed without the use of any safety nets! 


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The spectacular stunts used in the act includes:

  • running on the outside

  • blindfolded walks

  • skipping rope

  • somersaults

  • hand stands


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